This golf swing plane drill will really help you have a better golf swing. It is such a simple drill that works on feel and muscle memory to train you to get your club on plane. For those that are not away, you need your club to be on plane so that you can get your club face square at impact. Not having the club on the correct plane during the back swing and down swing will cause you to put spin on the ball that you don’t want. This spin causes the ball to move in unwanted directions due to what is called ‘the magnus effect’. This is what we know as a slice or hook and is the major cause of a frustrated golfer. This drill will allow you to have an one plane golf swing.

In order to complete this drill you need one of the most uncomplicated golf swing trainers out there, a coat hanger. Yes, you read correctly, any old coat hanger will be fine. Get your hanger and hold the hanger half way along the bottom rung as you grip your golf club. The hook should be out in front of you. If you can take your stance with a mirror behind you this would be ideal. Simply make golf swings and while you are in the back swing, you need to check in the mirror. For the club to be on plane, the hanger will be outside of your arm, pointing on an angle to the ground. If it isn’t on plane it will be inside you arm pointing directly to the ground.

 Once you get it correct, continue to make swings constantly checking that the hanger is pointing in the correct direction. Practice and practice until you get a real feel for the plane you should be on. When you have it right you need to train your muscle memory. You also need to feel it so that when you hit a bad shot on course you have a feeling you can always come back to. This is such a good drill and many of you will be surprised  as to how far off plane you are.

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