I am sure many of you have heard people saying that you need a good golf swing posture if you are going to play good shots. Well I often hear this and it is something I have struggled with a little. Sometimes I feel that I am too hunched over and other times I feel like I am too upright. Each of these postures will change the way you swing the club. I have recently noticed how well Adam Scott has been playing and if you look at his swing from 2008 to now you can definitely see a change in his posture at address and through out the swing. In 2008 he was very much in an upright position and now he is more hunched over and leaning forward more.

Each time I have a golf lesson my instructor video tapes me so that we can analyze the swing and I can recieve some feedback on how I am swinging the club. We noticed that sometimes I was upright and sometimes more over the ball. He gave me a simple way to set up to the ball so that I have good posture all of the time.He told me that he learnt this from David Leadbetter so you may have seen it.

What you need to do is address the ball as you normally would. From here, take your club and line it up down your spine. You need to ensure that your lower body is against the club. This means you have a nice straight lower spine. The top half of you body need to be slightly curved. All you need to focus on is relaxing the top of your shoulders. The top half of your spine and your head should be away from the club. If you have your head up too high it will be against the club and this means you are too upright.

From this position you have great posture to play a shot. From here just focus on maintaining this posture throughout the golf swing. Try this and I know it will help you improve your golf shots.

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