Tom Watson presents his golf swing secrets that allow him to hit the golf ball consistently. In this open and candid video, Watson goes through what he thinks to be the most important aspect of a golf swing, the shoulder rotation.

According to Watson, the problem most amateur golfers have is with the spine angle. If you are having difficulty hitting consistent shots it is most likely because you are not keeping your spine angle consistent throughout the shot. So many golfers change the spine angle throughout the shot or even simply through impact. This gives you many different problems.

In order to understand this concept, Watson gives the following instructions. Stand upright holding a club across your shoulders. Simply rotate from side to side. The plane that the golf club is on should be consistent while you are roatating i.e. it remains parallel with the ground throughought the rotations. This should give you the consept you are after. Now we don’t hit the ball from an upright position; we need to bend over slightly to hit the ball. The concept must remain the same though.

Lean over to a stance where you are ready to hit a golf ball. As you did before, put the club across your shoulders. In this stance rotate the shoulders from side to side. Although the club will be on an angle the plane it moves on should be constant throughout the rotations. This means your spine angle is correct. It is when the angle changes that you get yourself into trouble and need a GPS to find your ball after your shot.

This Tom Watson drill can be practiced in to comfort of your lounge. Try it in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing and get a feel for it at the same time. Thins should help you improve your swing.

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