If I was to talk in front of a group of golfers and asked ‘who has problems with a slice?’ I am sure that the majority would put their hands up. It is a common problem for the amateur golfer and if you are one of them then hopefully this post and video will help you.

In this video, Brandon Touville explains what causes a slice and what you need to do in order to correct it. Now of all the videos I have seen, this is the one that is most honest with you. Tourville explains that curing a slice is not a one-tip-fix. You need to get a golf teacher to look at your swing because some people have more body involved in the swing than others. So although these are great tips to work on, if you are serious about improving your golf swing then you need to get some live help.

So let’s get to it…

A slice or a fade is caused by spin being placed on the ball which makes the ball curve in the air. The more spin, the worse the slice and the harder it will be to find your ball!

Now this spin is caused by two main reasons.

1. The first reason is because your hands are not returning to a square position at impact. This causes the club face to be open at impact.

2. The second reason is that you may drive the golf club too much with your arms. This causes you to swing outside the plane on the way down. We call this an outside-to-in swing plane which means you go outside the plane and then swing to the inside which cuts across the ball and places severe side spin on the ball.

What’s the cure?

What you are trying to do is swing more from the inside. To do this you need to swing a little more with the hips rather than swinging hard with your arms from the top of the down swing. You don’t want your upper body and arms to take over in the downswing. You need your lower body to be driving the club.

A good way to practice this is to get a swing stick and place it on an angle across your target line. This is the path you want your club to follow during the down swing. This will give ou the feeling of coming from an inside position and hitting out to the right.

“Won’t my ball go to the right?”

Yes and no. What will happen is that your ball will start out slightly to the target and should actually draw back slightly. Yes, you heard that right. You will actually draw the ball rather than slice the ball.

In order for you to make this happen you still need to ensure that your club face is square at impact.

To get the club in this position you need to practise getting the back of your lead hand facing the target at impact. You then need to release the club by rotating the club face after the impact zone. This will put some slight spin on the ball you need to draw the ball.

As the video show, another great way to master this move is to use an ‘impact bag’.

Place the impact bag on your target line and begin the downswing with your hips. Remember that you are trying to hit out to the right slightly. As you impact the bag it should be forced forward right. This means you are coming from a more inside which will really help you cure you slice.

Now please remember that it is a great idea to get a golf teacher to look at your swing. These tips are fantastic and I have used them in my journey but I have also had lessons along the way. In my opinion you need to get somebody to tell you exactly what you are doing wrong. It is not always easy to see what mistakes you are making. So use these tips but if you can source out a pro to help you.

As always good luck, happy golfing, and please tell me of your journey. I love hearing how your golf has been going and the progress you are making.

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