Improving your golf swing can often be a daunting task that can sometimes seem unachievable. Trust me, we have all been there. Working on your swing during a round of golf and finally smashing a drive down the middle of the fairway will bring you back for your next round (no matter how badly you’ve played before that!). The problem is that lack of consistency ruins a round of golf and can result on the frustration of you thinking you are improving yet falling back into regular poor shots. So how do we overcome this and pave the way for better shots more consistently?

There are a number of ways to go about it, but always remember that your goal is to improve your golf swing. Ball flight and direction are RESULTS that cannot be changed unless we change the PROCESSES, and our golf swing is the process. Golf swing trainers are a great way to improve your golf swing. They allow you to work on your swing when you want to and really work on muscle memory to allow you to replicate the shot you want more often than not.

There are many golf swing trainers available on the market and it can be a little overwhelming to decide on which is the best one for you. Each trainer/aid has its own unique purpose so it is important to understand what it is you are doing wrong. E.g. are you lacking distance because you are casting? Or are your shots missing the green because your alignment isn’t correct? Getting somebody to watch you or viewing yourself on video can help you discover your faults and give you an indication of what kind of trainer is best for you.

Here I want to point out some of the more common trainers that can help improve you golf swing greatly. I will also explain what each trainer is designed to correct in your swing to give you an indication if it would benefit you.

Alignment Trainers

T-Alignment Trainer

If you are missing the green or fairways it could be because your alignment isn’t correct. Easy way to fix that is to use a ‘Golf Practice T’. A ‘T’ will train your brain to set up in the correct position that will allow you to hit more consistent shots. It simply lines the ball up in line with your toes. This is a great and simple way to improve your alignment.

Full Swing Trainers

Well, this is where it can be very overwhelming. There are so many products out there that there are even TV shows dedicated to new products. I am not going to pretend that I have tried every product that is available (there are that many that I am not sure it is possible) but I will give an account of a few that have some real benefit.


A full circle swing trainer can be very beneficial. It gets your hands and club to stay along the swing plane. It gives you instant feedback and with practice, gives your muscles the memory they need to replicate the motion when the trainer is removed. The ‘Explanar Golf Training System’ is an example of a trainer that works well. I have included a video of it in action.

David Leadbetter has a full swing trainer that works well, especially if you have trouble getting your grip in the correct position. David Leadbetter has worked with some of the world’s best for many years including Nick Faldo so it’s hard to knock his products.

The last one that is really beneficial is the ‘Plane Stick’. This has many uses and is great for training you to draw rather than slice. Imagine that! Actually being able to draw the ball. The best thing about this trainer is that it is very portable but also flexible to help you in many areas such as releasing too early, posture, swinging in to out etc.

Putting Training Aides

Eyeline Square

Now that your golf swing is in order and you are on the green in regulation you can ill afford to have a dreaded 3 putt. If putting is your downfall then make sure you practice, practice, practice. There are many aides out there that can help but one of the best is the ‘Eyeline Golf Putting Square Alignment System’. It helps line your putter up and ensure it is square but more importantly it has mirrors that give you direct feedback as to whether your eyes are over the ball or not. Practice with this gem and you will find it hard to miss those iffy 4-6 footers.

All in all training aids are there to help but you need to ensure they are best for you. If you can, try them out before you purchase and get a feel for them. There are many more aids than the ones listed here and if you find one that works for you go for it and let us know the pros and cons so we can report to our readers. The trainers listed on our site are the ones that we feel will give you the most benefit.

Good luck and happy golfing