I have bee searching for some golf tempo drills over the past couple of days because my golf teacher was explaining that my tempo is way out. Firstly I have been coming back too quickly and then pulling with my hands on the transition, rather than using the lower body to move the club. He gave my a simple drill that has already helped my increase my hitting distance. What the drill allows me to do is focus on different parts of the swing and get a real feel for the proper action. I found a video that shows you exactly what to do in this drill. Follow these instructions in this quick and simple golf lesson:

1. Perform a normal back swing and pause at the top. Because you are pausing you will be able to really focus on you takeaway and shoulder turn. Remember that you want to get everything away together and that at the top of the swing your hips should be around 45 degrees and the shoulders 90 degrees.

2. After a slight pause (1-2 seconds) begin your down swing. You need to focus on getting the hips to begin the down swing. Don’t pull with your arms. I try to think of putting my left front pocket into my left back pocket. This gets my hips moving the club rather than my arms. This is a sensation you need to feel and get used to. Once you get the feeling, try a normal swing. Then go back to the frill and repeat. This drill is explained in this video by PGA tour instructor, Tom Ward

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