This golf transition drill will help you get the sequence correct from back swing to down swing. This can be the one of the hardest things to master in golf. Quite often an amateur golfer will be in a great position at the top of the back swing but they get the sequence incorrect in the down swing and it causes the ball to go every which way. Some may begin with their arms which will cause a pull or slice, while others rotate the hips too much without pushing their weight through the ball. In order to improve your ball striking you need to get the sequence of the transition correct.

Jeff Ritter explains this sequence and gives a drill that will help you develop the correct sequencing. You will need a wet sponge to use as a golf swing trainer in this drill. What you need to do is place the wet sponge under your lead foot (the sponge does not have to be wet but you at least need to visualize that it is). Once you have reached the top of you back swing the first movement is to squeeze all the water out of that sponge with your lead leg. In order to do this you will have to shift slightly forward and bend your knee slightly. This is the first movement in the downswing.

From this position you need to rotate. This is where you rotate the hips and shoulders. Have you noticed how the arms have not even been mentioned yet? Well this is because they are quite passive in this part of the down swing. the lower body will actually be moving the hands and arms.

Once you are half way through the down swing you can then hit the ball. This hit part of the swing is generated by swinging the arms and hands. Ritter explains that you are trying to generate alot of ‘pop’ into the back of the golf ball.

So that is the sequence for the down swing. 1. Squeeze 2. Turn & 3. Hit. Give it a go at the range and let me know how you go.

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