The golf warm up gets you ready to play a great round of golf. The warm up can be the difference between you playing a great round and playing a poor on. I’m sure many of you (myself included) have gone out to the first tee without a proper warm up and played a terrible first hole. The warm up will get you ready for your round and help you improve your game.

The first set of exercises I am going to go through are three very common exercises that should not be part of your warm up as they are actually counter-productive to your swing. They are:

Exercises You Should Not Do

1. Rotating with club behind you

Many amateur golfer put the golf club behind then and rotate around to try and loosen up the back. This actually promotes a reverse rotation which is exactly what you don’t want in your golf swing.

2. Bouncing

Bending over and bouncing is often done to again loosen up the lower back. This puts alot of pressure onto the lower back and can actually cause your back muscles to tighten up or even cause a slight injury.

3. Working with 5 – 6 clubs

Swinging with 5-6 clubs can really affect your rhythm and is again counter-productive to your golf swing.

So they are 3 drills that many amateur golfers do but it is recommended you don’t do. What you want your golf warm up to be is golf specific and also you want it to slowly build up. Ramsay McMaster gives the analogy that it should be like a car with 5 gears. You start off in 1st gear and slowly make your way to 5th gear where you are going all out. Here is the 5 minute warm up:

The 5 Minute Golf Warm Up

1st GearĀ – Flexibility

Getting down on one knee, hold your club in both hands above your head so that the club is parallel to the ground. Lean to one side and stretch you trunk out. This will help to increase your range through your trunk and hips. Complete this 3 times for 15 seconds each.

2nd Gear – Posture & Balance

This is a different exercise that many of you probably haven’t done before. The thinking behind this exercise is that you have most likely be sitting down all day or at least sitting in a car before you go out to play. This gets you a little hunched over andĀ for golf you want a nice straight back. This exercise will get your posture upright and you are actually trying to feel taller.

Stand upright with your feet slightly apart and make a pistol grip with both your hands. Your hands then go by your side against your pockets. From here you need to lift the toes off the ground and push the hands into your thighs. You then repeat this over and over gradually picking up speed. As you do this you should have the sensation that you are getting taller. You will find that you spine is in a much more upright position. Then simply grab you club and take an address position and you should find that you are in a tall position.

3rd Gear – Working The Core

This is called ‘push the truck’ and the sensation should be like you are pushing a truck. Take a position that sees one foot out in font of the other (just like you would have if you were going to push a truck). With your hands and arms you are going to push them forwards with resistance. In order to get the sensation, get somebody in front of you and get them to push against your hands as you try to push them forward. This gets the muscles ready for the golf swing.

4th Gear – Ground Force

In this exercise you are trying to get down into the ground. You need to have good contact with the ground to help your swing. Take a pistol grip with both hands and have your hands at shoulder height with your elbows tucked in by your side. With your feet slightly wider than shoulder width you should have a slight bend in you knees. Then bouncing up and down as if you are riding a horse you should feel the ground force.

After bouncing for around 30 seconds you can then stop and in the same position pivot around as you would in a golf swing. You should now feel your glutes working in the swing. This generates dynamic rotation.

5th Gear – Shoulder Cross Over

Here you are aiming at getting a dynamic cross-over with the shoulders as you would in the normal golf swing. You are trying to get rotation with good spine angle. For this exercise again take your pistol grip at shoulder height and your elbows pointing downwards. Form here you are going to lift your left knee and rotate to get your right elbow over your left knee (it won’t go directly over your knee but it will go close). Return to your starting position and then raise your right knee and rotate to the other side to try and get your left elbow over your right knee. Continue to repeat this. It is important to keep your spin angle upright. Do not lean forward or bend your spine. Gradually speed this up.

And that is it. This should only take 5 minutes and gradually builds up so that your body is prepared for golf. These exercises are golf specific and end up dynamic which is what your golf swing is. Give this a go and hopefully your first couple of holes will set you up for a great round.

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