Here, Jason Gore gives some golfing tips for driving. These tips will allow you to find how hard you should be hitting the ball in order to hit it straight and long. We all want to hit the ball long and often try to hit it 100% all the time. There is no point doing this if your golf swing at 100% makes you  hit 1 out of 5 straight. Golf is about hitting it long but also straight, especially off the tee. This gives you an easier shot into the green and gives you the best opportunity to get under the card.

This golf drill will help you find a happy medium between accuracy and distance. What you need to do is line tee 5 balls up so they are all in a line. You are going to hit 4 drives, increasing the intensity with each drive. The first drive will be at 40% the next at 60% and so on until you get to 100% on the fourth drive. While you hit each drive you need to see where you are comfortable at hitting the ball long and straight. For example; the first drive at 40% may go straight but not very far; the 80% drive also goes straight but goes further and the 100% drive goes a long way but heads off to the right. In this case the 80% drive would win.

After these 4 drives you have 1 ball left sitting on the tee. Hit this ball at the winning intensity and you should hit the ball straight. You will find that everybody is different and it doesn’t matter which intensity is best for you as long as you find it. It could be 65% or 95%. It doesn’t matter as long as you know this information and use it in your game your drives will improve dramatically. All you need to do then is control yourself out on the course and try not to hit every drive at 100%. Stay within your limits. Jason Gore is one of the biggest drivers in golf, but he knows he has to hit the ball at 85% to be consistent. Find out yours. Good luck.

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