If you want some golfing tips for driving then you have come to the right place. I love these tips and as soon as I get them I try to practice them while they are freh in my mind. In this video there are three simple golf tips that will help you drive the ball more consistently. Anybody that gives you a golf tip that is complex, it is my opinion that your should ignore it. If you listen to the pros, they always talk about keeping the golf swing simple. These tips fit in with that theory.

1. The takeaway: When you make the golf club move away from the ball in your back swing you need to get everything away together. In order to do this it needs to be smooth and you shouldn’t be lifting the club. Many amateur golfers tend to lift the club too early. To make this happen the wrists, arms and body do not move together. So remember, get everything away together.

2. Keep the head steady: Often during the back swing you may move the head too far in the rotation. It is important to have a full rotation but prevent the head from moving away from the body (or too far to the right). You’ll see in the video that golf expert, Tim Panzanaro hold his club over the right shoulder of the player making the shot. Your head should not hit the club in that situation. Keeping the head relativley still give you great stability throughought the golf shot.

3. Holding your finish: After you have played your drive, you need to be able to hold the finished stroke in a balanced stance where the weight is on the front leg. The means you have been balanced throughout the stroke.

These tips by Tim Panzanaro are simple to implement and should help you hit your driver more consistently. Good luck!

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