I found these Greg Norman golf tips in this video and thought I would share with you. Golf Channel’s Rick Lerner is playing some shots in front of Greg Norman and his then wife Chris Evert and he is taking some massive divots. Norman is just talking casually and begins giving him some tips in between having a laugh at his golf swing. This video turns into a golf lesson from the golfing legend.

Norman explains that the reason Lerner¬†is taking such big divot is because he has a shoulder tilt rather than shoulder rotation. I love it how the pros pick up faults in an instant and explain so simply how to rectify the problem. Norman demonstrates Lerner’s rotation with a club across his chest which shows the shoulder tilt in full action. He then explains that he need to make his swing more shallow.

When you have a shoulder tilt you need to compensate by tilting the other way during your down swing otherwise you will hit a long way behind the ball, making it very difficult to hit the ball. Norman explained how to fix this. Practice on an upward slope. If you have a shoulder tilt while playing on an upward slope you will hit the ground about half a meter behind the ball. You therefore need to rotate the shoulders on an even plane in order to hit the ball. Norman says to hit 5 balls on a slope then hit 15 balls off the flat and continue this until you feel comfortable with your rotation.

This video turned out to be a little gem as it turned out to be a really interesting and valuable lesson that will help solve your shoulder tilt problems. It doesn’t require any golf swing trainers and can be done at any practice session.

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