Recently I have been talking about ways to increase club speed to increase your distance. Hank Haney gives tips in this online lesson¬†about how to do exactly that. As many of you have become aware, golf is a game of opposites. Some of you may have found this out the hard way by playing some awful shots but don’t feel bad, we have all been there! What I mean by opposites is that you need to hit down for the ball to go up and you need to swing soft to hit the ball hard. Now how is that possible? For many amateur golfers, if you want to hit a long ball then you need to hit the ball harder. But golf works differently. You need to swing fast, not hard. This tip will help you improve your long game.

Lets think about that for a second, fast but not hard. But won’t the more effort you put into the swing actually make the club move faster? To a certain point it will but this point will not allow you to hit a long ball. As Hank Haney explains in this video, when you go to hit the ball hard, the muscles tense up and too much force is generated by the larger muscles. This actually slow the club down which does not allow you to hit a long ball.

So in order to swing fast you need to relax your grip slightly. This will allow the force generated by the large muscles actually transfer into the club. Haney puts it in simple terms. He says that the golf swing is actually only 2 turns and a swoosh. You turn back then you turn forward. In between the 2 turns is the sound of a swoosh. The louder the swoosh, the faster the club is travelling. The faster the club travels, the further you can hit the ball. Loosen your grip and relax through the swing. Think fast, not hard and watch you ball travel a long way down the fairway.

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