If you find yourself hitting the golf ball too high and to the right then this is caused by having the clubface too open at impact. If you can only hit your 9-8 iron 100 yards while your golf partners hit them 130 yards then this drill will help you. This drill will really improve golf shots that you play with your irons and will enable you to hit the ball longer.

The direction the ball travels in the air after impact often gives you all the clues you need to solve the problem. In this case the ball is travelling too high and sometimes to the right. This means that the club face is open and to the right at impact. In your takeaway your club will most likely be too far open making it difficult to get the club face sqaure at impact. To correct this follow these golf swing¬†instructions given by The Golf Fix’s Michael Breed.

1. Get a tee and place it in between your thumb and index finger of your left hand as you grip the club.

2. Take a normal stance and grip the club normally. The tee should not affect your grip.

3. Begin with your takeaway and ensure that the tee is moving in the same direction. It shouldn’t be moving outwards or begin pointing in another direction. Your goal here is to keep the club face closed during the takeaway. The tee is something that you can focus on. Although the tee will be moving with your arms and club, it should still be pointing in the same plane.

4. Continue to practice this. Begin slowly and get a feel for it. Play some shots and your ball flight should begin to flatten out and you will get more distance.

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