If you want to learn how to cure a slice or a pull then you need to understand why your ball is heading in this direction. The pulled shot and the slice come from the same family which is an outside swing path. This means that during your down swing the club comes from an outside position and will go across the ball. This causes the ball to either head out to the left (the pull) or move severly to the right (slice). What you need to do is attack the ball from a more inside swing path. This will allow you to get the club face square at impact and the ball should go straight. This golf drill will help you stop these types of shots and improve your swing.

Follow this golf drill by the Golf Fix’s Michael Breed:

1. Put your club away and take your normal golf stance. For the right handed golfer, place your right hand under your left. This will give you an almost reverse grip. Watch the video to get a clear picture of what you are after. You need to make sure that the right hand is slightly cocked.

2. Take a back swing and you will fell some resistance because the right hand and left hand are opposing one another.

3. When you get to the top, begin your downswing. Your right hand being in this position will stop you from coming over the top because the right hand is under the left.

4. Complete this 4-5 times so that you get a feel for the position the hands are in. Then take your club and make some practice swings trying to get that same feeling of the right hand coming under the left.

5. When you think you can feel the right hand coming under the left, step up and hit a ball. Continue to practice until you really feel the hands coming from an inside position. This will get you away from the pulled or sliced shot.

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