Learning how to draw a golf ball can be one of the largest weapons in golf. Many of you will have a fade or slice down to a fine art, I know I have (even when I don’t mean to). But if you can draw the ball you will gain more distance and be able to bring the ball into the green. It is a real weapon that will give you great golf improvement.

A draw is not a hook. The difference is that a draw moves slightly right to left (for the right handed golfer) and still lands on the fairway whereas a hook moves severely right to left and has you searching for the ball for a month. The draw will start to the right of the target and then come back on to the target. The hook moves far past the target. Follow the golf instructions in order to draw the golf ball.


It is important to aim slightly to the right of the target. Now you need to be careful here. If you are aiming to the right, your feet, knees, hips and shoulders need to be parallel to where you are aiming your club. This can be difficult as you naturally look at your target and line yourself up with your target. To overcome this, pick a new target to the right of where you want the ball to end up.

Back Swing

As you begin your takeaway you need to be inside your path. This is vital to a draw shot. You need to maintain your spine angle so you complete a full rotation.

Down Swing

The first thing to focus on is that the right arm begins to straighten out immediately. This is what creates club head speed and allows you to hit a long ball. Keep your right shoulder back as long as possible causing club lag. This right arm will cross over the left arm as the club reaches the bottom of the arc.

Follow Through

Turn the left hip so that you keep the club on the correct arc. This will give the hands and arms room to move along the same arc. This will put the correct spin on the ball to allow you to draw the ball.

So there you have it. You can now draw the golf ball. If there are trees in your way and you need to draw the ball you can. Practice this on the range first as it takes some practice but this is one way to draw the ball.

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