If you want to learn hot to draw a golf ball then you need to work at it and you need to listen to the right people. I think it is fair to say that if Jack Nicklaus talks, then you should listen. Nicklaus is aboviously one of if not the greatest golfer the world has seen and what is amazing to me is how simple he makes things.

I have listened to many local pros, read hundreds of magazines and crawled the Internet to search for tips and hints on how to improve your swing. To get better at golf I need to be able to hit fades, and draws when I want to (not when I am not trying to!).

In order to hit fades and draws or to hit the ball low or high, Nicklaus uses the same swing. It is the angle of the club head at impact that enables you to hit these variations in your shots. To get the club head on these angles, Nicklaus simply adjusts the position of the club head at address.

In order to hit a draw, he turn the club head in slightly. To hit a fade, he turns the club head out slightly. For a low shot, he puts the ball back in his stance and closes the club head slightly. An lastly, to hit the ball with more loft, he put the ball forward in his stance and opens the club head slightly. All of this is done with exactly the same swing. As the great Jack Nicklaus says, Keep Your Swing SIMPLE!

Next time you are down at the range give this a go.

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