Learning how to fix a golf slice is what so many golfers need to keep their sanity and enjoy the game more. For so many golfers a slice ruins the game and has been the result of many curses and that feeling that makes you want to throw your club. In this Video the Golf Channel’s, Michale Breed takes you through a drill that will help improve your golf swing and get rid of that slice in your game.

This drill gets you to hit the ball ‘through the gate’ and all you need is 2 tees and of course a golf club and ball. If you have ever said to yourself, “I wish I could actually draw the ball” then this drill will assist you. As many of you know, an outside to in swing is one of the causes of a slice. This ‘through the gate’ drill will help to reverse that and get you swinging from inside to out. In order to do this, follow these golf instructions:

1. Get your target line and place the ball on the ground

2. Place 2 golf tees in the ground. One tee should be inside the ball and the other outside the ball. It is very important that they make a 45 degree angle compared to your target line. The tee on the top side is the furthest from the target. These 2 tees need to be roughly the length of the grip apart. Remember, the ball is in the middle. The more comfortable you get with the drill the narrower you will have the tees.

3. Swing the club and hit the ball. You need to ensure that you don’t hit any of the tees. And that is it.

What often happens when you slice the ball is that you swing across the ball in an outside to in manner. Your club will actually often hit the tee placed inside the ball in this drill. What happens is that you first hit the ball and then hit the inside tee as your club comes from Out to in. This puts sideways spin on the ball and causes the ball to slice through the air.

Once you get comfortable, you need to move the tees closer together and it will really help you get rid of that slice.

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