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Learning how to fix a slice is the aim for around 80% of amateur golfers out there and I continue to be one of them. Although I have worked hard and now hit a relatively straight drive the slice still comes back to haunt me. I read an interview with Bubba Watson and he said that golf is a game where rust forms very quickly. I know the feeling and if I don’t continue to work at my game my slice tends to come back.

Every Christmas Eve I play 36 holes of par 3 golf with a group of my friends. We have a trophy and amongst us it is highly sought after. This year one of my friends was going for his third win in a row. I was within striking distance with 5 holes to play and overshot one hole so couldn’t get there. It is taking me a while to get to my point (sorry!). Anyway for about 8 weeks leading into Christmas I never used my driver. I was constantly playing rounds of par 3 with my pitcher and putter (we are only allowed to use 1 club to chip with). A couple of days after Christmas I went down to the range and pulled my driver out and guess what came back. You got it……my wonderful slice. My irons were fine but I had a slice with my driver. I played a round 2 days later and it took me about 14 holes to sort it out. I was slicing, then over compensating and hooking, very frustrating. since then I have been working on a drill that that is helping me improve my swing and fix my slice. It has only been a couple of days but things are coming along well. It is just a matter of removing the rust.

The reason around 80% of amateur golfers have a slice is because they naturally have an outside to inside swing plane. Ideally, when the club is at waist height during the down swing, you want the club to be parallel with your target line or coming from slightly inside the target line. An outside to inside swing is where your club is outside your target line at wast height. This forces you swing across the ball which is what causes your slice. So how do you overcome this? The right toe drill (left toe drill for left handers) will get you coming from a more inside position.

For this drill you need your driver.
1. Take your driver in your left had (right hand for the left handed golfer).
2. Take your normal stance. Feet nice and wide as they would be if you were driving the ball.
3. Take your driver and place it in front of your right toe. In terms of distance away from your right toe, your left arm should be nice and straight.
4. From this position you need to hang your right hand down where it would be if you were gripping your club. Make a back swing with your right hand. Ensure that you make a full turn as you normally would if you were driving the ball. Now your left arm and club will move slightly but try to keep the club relatively straight.
5. Now this step is the most important. Make a down swing but you MUST keep the club straight. You will feel some tension in your shoulders as you do this. Rotate your hips as far as you can but keep the club straight. From this position it is near impossible to come from outside the line. This position will get your hips rotating before your shoulders which is a key component in fixing your slice.
6. repeat and repeat and repeat. This will help train your muscle memory and you will begin to feel your hips driving the down swing rather than your shoulders or hands. When you do this you will come from the inside and you might even start drawing the ball.

This is a really powerful online golf drill that can be done in the comfort of your own back yard because you don’t need to smash balls. It is working on the action of your swing so you can do it at home and then again when you are at the range hitting balls.

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