Learning how to hit a fairway wood can allow you to aim for the green from further out than you can with your irons. If you are not confident using your fairway woods and you use a low iron or hybrid from a long way out, there is a fair chance you land short of the green. This obviously costs you one stroke and it could be more if your chipping is not up to scratch. There is nothing better than landing on the green from a long way out and then being able to finish the hole off with your putter.

Hitting fairway woods can be daunting for many amateur golfers. In this video by PGA Professional, Ted Stonehouse gives you some tips on how to hit fairway woods. Follow these tips to improve your long game.

1. The ball needs to be placed further forward in your stance. The reason for this is that the clubs are longer and therefore need a longer time to get square. Putting the ball in a more forward position gives the club more time as you will make contact and the very end of the contact zone.

2. You want to have a flatter takeaway compared to when you are using your irons. The shape of your takeaway for your irons is a slightly more ‘V’ shape but for your fairway clubs you need more of a ‘U’ shape. To get used to this place a tee about 6 inches behind the ball. You need to try and hit this tee in your takeaway. This promotes a flatter takeaway and will allow you to attack the ball on the correct path. Once you do this simply follow your normal swing.

These two simple tips will get you hitting long and consistent fairway woods. practice at the range first and remember not to tense up. Relax and simply hit the ball. When you are further out you may tend to try and hit the ball too hard. Let the club do most of the work. And remember…….let me know how you go.

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