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When you learn how to hit a golf ball it is also important to ensure you don’t lose power. There are many different power leaks that can become evident in the golf swing and you should attempt to rectify them as quickly as possible. The longer you leave things the harder it is to get out of a bad habit. That doesn’t mean it is impossible, so don’t stress too much. It just means it may take a little more time for you to get out of your old habits.

One of the major power leaks in a golf swing is when you shift your weight side to side too much. When you address a golf ball you should have your weight on the inside of your back foot. What can happen in the back swing is that you shift your weight sideways and the weight actually moves onto the outside of the same foot. This causes you to lose power and you will not hit the ball as far. When you are at the top of the back swing, your weight will have moved more onto the back leg but it should still be very much on the inside of the foot. This means you are loaded and ready to uncoil with lots of power.

For those that do shift their weight too far to the side you will find that your knee also moves sideways. It can actually move slightly outside the line of your foot. This is a perfect sign that you are losing power in the golf swing. How do I know this I can hear you asking. Well trust me, I have been there! I am not sure where it came from but I wasn’t hitting the ball all that well and I went and got a golf lesson from my regular teacher. The first thing he said is that I am shifting my weight too far. He also gave me a simple tip to overcome this. It isn’t so much a golf swing tip as it is a drill. It is more of a drill.

All you need to do in this drill is take your normal stance and then turn your back foot inwards. For the right handed golfer this means you turn your right toe in on a 45 degree angle. What this does is limits the amount of knee sway you can have. This will stop your weight shifting too far and you will get the feeling of your weight were it should be. You can make practice swings like this or you can even hit balls with this drill. If you are practicing at the range you might play 15 shots like this and then 5 from a normal stance.

Give this drill a go and remember to let me know how it turns out by commenting below. Good luck!

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