How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight

I think nearly all amateur golfers at some stage have made the statement, “If only I could learn how to hit a golf ball straight!” I know those words have come out of my mouth and to be honest I still work really hard at it as my natural tendency is to slice or pull the ball. If I don’t work at improving my swing I always go back to my old habits. If I have a long layoff I also seem to pick up some new bad habits. I therefore keep up my practise consistently to stay on top of things and it allows me to enjoy the game so much more than I used to. There are less frustrations about playing from tough lies and there is more enjoyment from hitting good shots more often and trying to get pars and birdies.

So how do you hit the ball straight? Obviously you need to get the club face square at impact. This won’t put any side spin on the ball and should result in the ball travelling straight down the fairway. I found this video that gives you a great drill to work on. Some of you may have seen other golfers doing this at the range.

The first thing you need to do is put 2 poles or sticks or golf shafts in a line that is pointing towards your target. There should be about half a foot gap between the 2 shafts. This line is very important as your club is going to be pointing along this line throughout the swing. You can place a ball in between the 2 shafts and play shots. the shafts are used as a guide for you to follow. As I said earlier, your club should be pointing at the shafts throughout your swing.

Now this probably sounds strange but it is what should happen in reality. It is a difficult one to explain but as you begin your back swing, the club head will be pointing along the back shaft. This does not mean you simply push your club along the line of the shaft. You still need to rotate and the club will be getting further away from the shaft but still pointing towards it.

When you get to waist height, there will be no part of the club pointing along the shaft. At this point the club should be parallel with the ground and your target line. From here the grip end of the club begins pointing along the shaft again.

Same thing happens in the down swing. At waist height the club will be parallel to the target line and then move back to the shaft on the ground. This will enable you to get the club square at impact. After impact it begins pointing along the shaft in front of the ball and continues until you are wast height in the follow through.

This is a difficult one to explain but watch the video and it should all make sense. It really is a good drill to help you hit the ball straight. Follow the instructions in the video and let me know how you go.

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