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A very common fallacy throughout the golfing world relates to the power of your strike. Many players believe that the harder they hit the ball, the farther it will travel. This is wholly untrue. Whacking the ball too hard will typically result in you either slicing the ball or delivering a fine example of a fresh air shot. You need to relax, take your time and concentrate on striking the very center of the ball. To make it travel a far greater distance, anchor the foot that is situated behind the ball. If you lift your foot too soon after swinging your club, you will lose power and lessen the range of your shot.

When aiming to improve your golf swing, progression rests on keeping the tempo and rhythm in your backswing and downswing both even and smooth. Because constant golf ball slicing can announce “Here’s an amateur!” to your fellow players quicker than anything else, possessing a firm yet steady grip will keep your swing consistent. Eradicating the possibility of any future pesky slices comes down to another fundamental: The ball curves to the right after impact if you are right-handed, and travels left if you are left-handed. Proper body alignment is vital to hitting a straight shot every time.

Relaxing your hands can release the underlying tension that creates a slice or hook due to the angle of your strike. To hit your drives with minimal ball spin, tee the ball up high. This creates less spin because you hit the ball from underneath. Another suggestion involves the use of a golf towel when you are practicing: Place a rolled up golf towel under your right arm when you are working on your swing. If the towel falls to the floor from under your arm, your swing is too wide.


Here’s a handy idea coming from a psychological perspective: When taking practice shots, try visualizing the arc of your swing BEFORE you actually hit the ball. Imagine the perfect shot that you want to hit. This cerebral technique relaxes body and mind, and makes your swing feel more comfortable. The only downside of this is that, if given to overconfidence or taking too much time making several practice swings, the thought of messing up your shot may eventually contaminate your confidence and lead to a disastrous swing. Take the time to envision the perfect shot and how you’re going to take it, but don’t take up too much time at the expense of the outcome itself. Concentration, focus and visualization are key traits.

Finally, the most important thing is to have fun! If you become angry, aggressive or in any way negative, your game will severely suffer. Work on controlling your nerves, trying to maintain a playful, good-natured attitude and, ultimately, enjoy yourself. Golf is supposed to be fun and, as the saying goes, “Remember every good shot and forget the bad.”


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