So many amateur golfer are constantly looking at how to improve your putting. I myself am one of those amateurs. Those that follow me will know that I have had an awful amount of trouble with my putting. Although I still have a long way to go, my golf swing has improved dramatically and I have begun to play some nice rounds of golf. I have found that I am now often on the greens in regulation and giving myself birdie putt opportunities. From this situation, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to finish it off with a decent putt. I have found myself on too many occasions 3 putting my way to a poor score.

I recently learned a drill that is beginning to make a large difference to my putting. I was told by my golf instructor that my hands are too tense when I putt. This is probably because I have played some bad putts in the past and I am really nervous about the putt I am trying to make. When i think about it I very stressed when it comes to my putting. This tension in my hands does not allow me to release the putter face. I had no idea this was important but it is if you want to putt well. This drill I have been shown allows you to relax the hands and gets you to release the putter through the ball.

All you need to do is putt some balls with your right hand only. If you are a left handed golfer then grab the club in your left hand and play some one handed putts. You don’t even have to line the putts up to go in the hole. Just get used to hitting putts with one hand. What you will find is that it is near impossible to not release the club. you will actually make better contact with the ball and you will be able to feel the ball through the club and into your hands. This gives you a great feel for the putt.

I do this over and over and I can tell you that it have made a large difference to my putting. My hands are relaxed and I seem to be getting the pace of the putt much better. Give this online putting lesson a go and leave a comment below on how you went. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

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