So many of us want to know how to increase club head speed. The more club head speed you have the more momentum the club will have which causes greater force to go through the ball and you hit the ball longer. Longer shots is what so many of us are after as if we can hit it longer we can set ourselves up for easier approach shots. This gives us more control of the ball and we can land it closer to the pin. I know that I am always after more birdie opportunities and hitting a longer ball will help with that. So how do you increase club head speed? Well this video by Hank Haney gives you the golf swing help you need to do it.

Haney explains in this golf instruction video that so many golfers try to hit the ball harder when they are attempting to hit the ball longer. They use their larger muscles to hit the ball and their hands tighten up around the club. The tightness in the hands goes all the way up into their shoulders which does not help when hitting a long ball. This actually causes you to slow down. What you need to do is relax. Loosen your grip slightly and focus on making a smooth swing, but a fast swing. The faster you move your arms and hands, the faster the club will move.

Haney says that one of the most important things he was taught was that in the golf swing there are 2 turns and a swish. You turn back, you turn forward and inbetween those 2 turns is the sound of a swish. The louder the swish, the more distance you’ll get. This is a simple concept that can be practiced in your back yard. The key point here is to not hit the ball harder, but to swing faster.

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