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Are you just a beginner at the game of golf? Are you about to head out for a game but need some quick tips to boost your confidence? Fortunately, it’s not that hard to look like a pro even though you’re not. Even better, use these tips to improve your game over time, so that at some point, you’ll truly look like a pro and actually have the skills to match.

Swing away from the hazard.

Every green is different, and you may not yet know how to read one well enough to plan ahead. However, always hit the ball away from any trouble spot. For example, if the hole has an obstruction or hazard on one side of the fairway, tee up on the other. Let’s say there’s a sand trap to the left of the fairway; put your back to it and swing to the right. It’s also helpful to put the “trouble behind you,” so to speak, because if you put it out of your mind, you can swing freely and aggressively.

Don’t slice.

Easier said than done, right? But if you want to look like a pro, it’s worth noting that the pros only make that curving shot on purpose. To make the “non-slice” swing feel natural to you, when you practice, “hover” the head of your club about a foot off the ground and then swing from that position. Weird because there’s no ball contact, right? However, this is helpful because it does two things for you: (1) It gives your club face more rotation; and (2) it gives you more arm rotation. Once this feels natural, you’ll do it automatically, and your drive will be straighter.

Develop your own ritual for the “pre-shot” phase.

Take a look at what pro golfers do if you want to know how to look like a pro: Every time they play, they have a little “pre-shot ritual” they do to get ready:

  • They stand behind the ball and set an invisible “line to the target.”

To do that, stand behind the ball, pick out a “pre-target” that’s 3 to 5 feet in front of the ball, and then align both the face of the club and your own stance to it.


  • They stand behind the ball, establish their grip there, and then approach the ball from the side.

It’s important to stand behind the ball to establish your grip so that you’re not moving while over the ball. The face of the club should be aimed at your “pre-target,” and you should align your feet with that, too.
Remember to breathe, focus, and then swing.

Watch the next time a professional takes a swing. Even when all lined up and ready to go, there’s still a pause, breath, and focus on the ball for one concentrated second. Then – and only then – a swing. Nothing is rushed. Pause, breathe, and focus before swinging, and watch how you improve.

Stay very quiet down below.

Once a professional golfer has approached the ball, lined up, and is ready to go, the lower body is almost completely still. Everything happens above the waist. Plant yourself, keep lower body movements to a minimum, make a sharp, clean contact with the ball, and “swivel” only with your upper body.

Good luck and good golfing!


About the author:

Jeffrey Wright is VP Web Services of EZLinks.com in Chicago, IL.  EZLinks is a software and marketing company serving golf courses and golfers since 1996.  Offering discount golf tee times, EZLinks operates the world’s largest network for golf reservations, as well as the highest volume tee time call center in the industry.

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