If you were wondering how to putt then these putting tips will help you. Downhill putts can easily ruin your golf score as a poorly made downhill putt can result in a 3-putt. Getting the line correct and the speed is very difficult especially if the greens are quick. I remember the last time Greg Norman was in contention at a major he had a really difficult downhill putt. He actually putted the ball off the green and it ruined his round. So you need to be able to putt on different lies if you are going to improve your golf game.

To become better at downhill putts you can follow these putting instructions from golf professional, Greg Lecker.

1. Pick a spot on the green that you want to putt to before the ball will roll towards the hole. Depending on how quick the putt is (or how downhill it is) will determine the spot on the green you choose. The faster the putt the closer the spot will be to you. What you are trying to do is get the ball to that spot and gravity should then make it roll to the hole. This will help you get the speed correct on the putt.

2. Line up your club and body to that spot. If the spot you choose is 4 feet away then you simply play it like a 4 footer. If you have chosen the correct spot initially, the ball will get to that spot and roll into the cup.

3. Commit to that spot. You need to be confident about the spot you have chosen. It is very easy to start questioning yourself when you get up to the ball. When you do this you will look at the cup and most likely try to get the ball to the cup which will result in you putting too hard. So remember, pick a spot and commit to it.

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