Many people want to learn how to stop hooking the golf ball but so much of the information that is out there is for correctling a slice. Obviously a hook is opposite to a slice so you basically have the opposite golf swing. Someone who slices the ball tends to attack the ball from outside to in. This means that a person who hooks the ball attacks the ball from an inside position and the whips the hands over causing the ball to get counter-clockwise spin.

This video explains a simple drill you can use to rectify the hook shot and all it requires is an extra golf ball, no golf trainers or anything. When you are at the practice range place your ball on the ground and then place another ball outside and in front of the ball you are going to hit. You are aiming not to hit both balls. If you do hit both balls this means you are coming from an inside line which will cause you to hook the ball. If you don’t hit both balls this is a good thing as it should be training you to attack the ball from a more outside position. This will get your follow through to be in such a way that it won’t generate the counter-clockwise spin.

I hope these instructions helps you with your hook. Any other problems you have let me know and I will do my absolute best to find a solution for you. Happy golfing.

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