In this putting lesson we look at how the amateur golfer can remove the 3 putt from their game. There is nothing worse than getting on the green in regulation and taking 3 or even 4 putts to sink then ball in the hole. It doesn’t matter how good your woods and irons are; if you continue to make 3 putts, your score will not be a good one. This lesson is bound to help.

On the practice green, set yourself up for a long putt. Get 5-6 tees and place them in a circle around the hole about a meter in diameter. The aim is to putt the ball from a long distance and land the ball inside that circle. Place a club on the ground while you are putting as a reference point for your aiming. If you get the ball inside the circle, you give yourself a good chance at making 2 putts. If you don’t then that is where the 3 putt comes in.

Step back as you normally would before a putt and get your aim and a feel for the distance. When approaching the ball for a practice swing be sure to line the club face up to the target first, then the arms and finally the body. For longer putts like these simply stand a little taller than you would for a shorter putt. Make some practice swings, trying to get a feel with your right hand how hard you want to hit the ball.

#Tip: When striking the ball with you putter it is very important to keep you head down long after you have played your stroke. Many amateur golfers lift their head in long putts and this makes it difficult to hit the ball on target.

Make this shot 6 times following the above instructions and then go down to the hole and place a ball at each tee around the hole. Then aim to make those 6 shorter putts. This gets you used to playing a long putt, landing it near the hole, then finishing off in 2 putts. Continue to practice and this will help your golfing journey to lower your scores.

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