Are you someone who constantly hits great shots with your irons but when it comes to the driver you slice or hook the hell out of the ball? Well I am often one of those golfers. I work so hard on getting the drive right but if I ever have some time off the game I go back to slicing the ball with my driver.


I have worked and worked on my game to try and improve this area of my game. And I know I am not the only one in the same situation. Every time I go to the range there are so many amateur golfers getting frustrated with their drives.

I have followed online programs, taken golf lessons and no doubt I have improved, but any time off the game and my drive is the first thing to go.

My friends often comment about how good my recovery shots and then approach shots are. For a split second I feel a little proud but then realize that I am only good at playing recovery shots because I play them so often as my drive is often off target.

Just give me a good lie. Thats all I ask. Let me hit it straight off the tee and I feel like I could turn pro! Well not quite but the reality is that the difference in my game can be 10-15 strokes if my drive is off, and maybe even 2 years off my life through high blood pressure created by stress!

As always I have search the online world for tips on how to improve my game. Well I came across this video and it made so much sense to me. I was so excited that I went to the range immediately after work. I had my clubs in the boot of my car and just had to give this a go immediately.

The reason I was so excited is because I knew I was doing exactly what the video spoke about….

And I couldn’t believe how simple the solution was. In fact I felt so stupid when I found out the simple secret.

As many of you know, the driver hit the ball on the upswing rather than the downswing like your irons hit the ball. This means you need to place the ball further forward in your stance.

You will be sweeping the ball on the up rather than hitting down on the ball.

Now I have always got this as it was one of the first things I learned in my golf lessons with Scott and Gary. I did find it interesting that in the video he talks about a study that found amateur golfers didn’t have the ball in the exact same position at any stage after 20 drives. It is obviously important to try and get everything the same if you want to play consistent golf.

To try and get the ball in the same spot you should stand with your feet together with the ball in the middle of your stance. This means the ball is centered. You then turn your left foot out slightly to allw your hips to open and then step your right foot backwards.

This means the ball is on the inside of your left heel.

Pretty simple right? Well I have done this for a long time so nothing new. My problem was that when I lined up to the ball my shoulders would point to the left.

I have always been taught that to hit the ball straight you need your knees, hips and shoulders to be parallel. Makes sense.


If you have the ball forward in your stance and then put the club behind the ball, the shoulders find it almost impossible to not point out to the left.

As a result I would often pull the ball to the left or slice the ball or even have a pull slice. Essentially the ball was heading in the direction my shoulders were pointing.

In order to overcome this I would tilt my shoulders in an over-exaggerated fashion. This allowed me to hit the ball straight on a reasonable consistent basis but I still had a tendency to pull or pull slice the ball.

I then watch this video below and he talks about this exact problem. If you put the club directly behind the ball as you do with an iron, your shoulders will naturally point to the left.


Simply place the club behind the ball but in the lind of your center. Although the ball is forward in your stance, your club doesn’t have to be in your address.This imediately allows your kness, hips AND shoulders to be aligned parallel to your target line.

You will still be sweeping the ball but your set up will be so much better. Well let me tell you how I went when I gave it a go.

After I warmed up, I began hitting drives.

I am writing this post because I am still excited. I am not going to lie and tell you that I can now hit EVERY drive 300 yards and dead straight. Simply, I am not that good!

But I feel confident that I can hit a straight drive more often than not. I just couldn’t believe it. It is so simple. That few inches difference in club set up has made an enormous difference.

Now a disclaimer; I haven’t played a round since seeing this video, but I can’t wait to. I will be at the range every second night this week working on my newly found secret (which isn’t really a secret). I am still smiling. Even on a good day, my drive costs me at least 4 shots. On a bad day….well I don’t even want to know the answer.

This is not the only great tip in the video, but it is the one that resonated with me strongly.

As always, watch the video and give it a go and please leave your comments to let me know how you get on positively or negatively.



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