I use this golf impact bag to help me improve my swing in terms of generating more hip movement. No matter how good of a golf player you are you will always have some tendencies to do the wrong thing. One of my major tendencies is to swing the club with my arms. In the down swing it is important for the hips to generate the first movement, not the hands. Many amateur golfers who slice the ball have a similar problem. Instead of the hips moving the club in the initial stages of the down swing I tend to use my arms to move the club. This initial movement with my hands causes me to have an outside to in swing and I hit across the ball which causes a slice.

There have been many times when I have been with my golf teacher Scotty and he drums into me begin with the hips and I play a shot thinking I am doing the correct thing and he says, “No”. It really feels like I am clearing my hips first. I do clear the hips but at the same time I am pulling hard with my hands which is no good for a natural slicer.

One of the drills I spend a lot of time on is hitting an impact bag. As you can see in this video, I do this in the comfort of my own backyard. I try and do this at least a couple of times a week and I can honestly tell you it has had a major impact on my swing. In this golf lesson, I will show you exactly how I use this golf swing trainer and the things I am looking for to ensure I am on plane and my hips are moving first.

Take the impact bag and you can either pin it into the ground or I simply place an object like a rubbish bin behind the bag. When I take my stance I ensure that the impact part of the bag is on the inside of my lead foot. From here I simply make some swings. The first thing I focus on is being relaxed at the top of the back swing so that my hips can generate the movement. I find that if I am relaxed at the top I won’t pull with my hands and the hips can move the club.

The second thing I focus on is my position at impact. You should aim at having a perfect straight line through your body at impact. This means that you lead foot, hips, hands and club should all be in one nice line as if there is a wall in front of you. This is a great position to be in at impact.

I spend around 3-5 minutes doing this and then I remove the object behind the bag so that the bag can move freely. I then simply make some swings into the impact bag aiming at getting the bag to roll over itself after impact end over end. If you have an outside to inside swing the bag will roll to the left. If I get my swing on plane or even coming from the inside a little, the bag will roll end over end. This is a great indicator that you would be hitting the ball square.

I encourage you to give this a go and see if it improves your swing by generating more hips through the swing. As always let me know how you go.

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