Improve Your Golf: Cure Your Pull Hooks

For those of you out there that naturally pull hook the ball then this is for you. I came across this video by the Golf Channel’s Michael Breed and throught it was a great tip to help you hit a ball out to the right with a slight draw.

In order for you to hit any kind of hook means that the club face is closed at impact, and a pull normally means that the club is coming from an outside position and swinging across your body. This is a great golf tip to overcome the problem of a pull hook.

As Breed explains in this video, much of the problem is caused by your set up. When you grip the club you will have one hand lower than the other. For a right handed golfer, your right hand (the one without a glove) will be lower than you left. Naturally this means that you should have one shoulder lower than the other. Makes sense right? If one hand is reaching down further, then you will have to tilt your body and the shoulder will be lower than the other.

A pull hook is caused by having the shoulders parallel with the ground at address, even though you have one hand lower than the other. This causes you to come from an outside position and the club face will be closed. This is what may be causing you to hit a pull hook. So to overcome this is quite simple. You don’t need to change anything except your spine angle. For the right handed golfer your spine should be tilted to the right at address. This is a natural position as you have one hand lower than the other.

In order to practice this, all you need to do is set up in front of a mirror to ensure you have that tilt in you spine angle. This will stop you having a steep attack on the ball and will allow you to come from a more inside position. This should see you hit the ball more out to the right with a slight draw.

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