In order for many amateur golfers to improve the golf swing, they need to increase hip rotation through the golf swing. For some people they hear this and they begin to move their hips laterally from side to side. This can cause many problems and it is difficult to play good shot consistently when you do this. What you need to do is ‘rotate’ the hips from side to side. Your weight still needs to shift from one leg to the other, but it is a rotation that shifts the weight.

In this online video lesson I go through a drill that I do every time I am at the range. My golf coach, Scotty gave me this drill when I was finding it difficult to increase the hip rotation in my swing. Without enough hip rotation, the main thing that moves the club is your arms and hands. This causes you to most likely have an ‘outside to in’ golf swing and will cause you to either pull the ball or slice the ball. When you teach you mind and body to use the hips to drive the club through the early stages of the down swing you will find that you may even start drawing the ball. Thats right! You may end up with a draw.

I call this drill the ‘feet together’ drill and I worked really hard at the title! What you are going to do is play some mini shots with your feet together. When you have your feet apart as you would for a normal swing, you may find it difficult to get the hips moving. When you have your feet together there is very little to restrict the hips. Follow these simple instructions and watch your hips begin to move.

1. Take your club and take your normal stance except have your feet together. It is a good idea to make some practice swings before you try and hit some balls.

2. When you make your swing it is only going to be a half swing. This means you go back to around waist height or maybe a little higher and finish around waist height or slightly higher.

3. When making your swing you need to focus on your hips. Relax your hands and focus you rotating your hips in the back swing and the down swing. Remember, you are trying to get your hips to move the club, not your arms. Naturally your arms will follow but focus on the hips. I can’t stress that enough.

4. Now it is time to hit some balls. Follow the above steps but instead of practice swings it is time to hit some balls. I use a 7 or 8 iron when I do this drill.

5. As a progression all you need to do is widen your feet slightly in your stance and gradually increase the size of your swing. Gradually build up until you are making full swings.

I do this drill as a warm up EVERY time I am at the range. It is a great way to warm the muscles up while also consolidating the muscle memory of moving the hips.

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