Many of you have no doubt heard that you need to increase lag for more power in your golf swing. It is very easy to say this but what does it actually mean and how do you actually do it? Increasing lag will not only generate more power for you in your golf swing but also help you to make better contact with the ball. If you are hitting the ground before the ball or hitting the ball skinny, lack of lag is one of the possible reasons you are doing this.

Before we move on, lets go through what lag is. During the back swing you will hinge your wrists and create an angle of about 90 degrees between your club and your forearms. Keeping this angle during the downswing is what we call lag. The longer you keep that angle the more lag you have. What many amateur golfers do is release this angle too early. This is a massive power leak in the golf swing and also makes it difficult to make good contact with the ball. In order to improve your golf swing you need to increase lag.

Follow these golf instructions byt PGA Pro, Andy Proudman and watch yourself increase lag.

1. Take a wedge club first off as this is easier to practice with. The better you get at this the easier it will be to berform with a 4 iron and driver. But begin with a wedge for now.

2. What you are aiming at doing is when your HANDS reach the ball, the club is parallel to the ground.

3. In order to do this you need to make a 3/4 back swing. Ensure that you have hinged your wrists.

4. Begin a down swing. Now it is really important that you begin your down swing with your lower body. When some people do this drill their lower body remains stationary and they just swing with their arms. This is the last thing you want to do. So you need to ensure that the lower body is leading the golf swing.

5. When your hands reach the ball you can stop and check that your club is parallel to the ground. This sounds strange and you may be thinking, how will you get the club to the ball if it is so far behind the hands. When you swing normally, all this happens in around 0.2 seconds so the club catches up very quickly and this is what generates club head speed and your power.

6. Practice the above steps 5 or 6 times and then make some prractice swings. Try to feel the angle of your wrists during the downswing. Only pactice half swings to begin with. This will help you get a good feeling for the lag you are creating.

7. Once you have made a few practice swings try the real thing. Again, only do 1/2 to 3/4 swings untill you get used to the feeling.

This concept can take some time to perfect but it is well worth it. If you understand that it will take some time then you can relax and remain patient. It is a great way to generate more power and hit longer golf balls.

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