I have read lots and lots of information regarding chipping as I always find it difficult to get the ball close enough to the hole to make 1 putt. This frustrates me no end so I assume others have similar problems. I found this video and found it helpful so thought I would let my readers in on it.

The reason I hit the ball short of the hole is all due to my head. In my head I am worried about hitting the ball too far and it going into the bunker off the back of the green. It is amazing the tricks the mind plays.

The key instructions for chipping the ball are:

1. Club Selection

Choosing the correct club is essential in being able to chip the ball close to the pin. You need to chose a club that has enough loft on it to clear the rough or the fringe of the green. This will help the ball roll to the hole. If you have very little gree to work with then you may want to bounce the ball once on the rough to slow the ball down.

2. Stance

Once you have chosen which club to use, choke down on the club. This will give you more control and give you a feel of how hard you should swing. The ball should be back in your stance

3. Weight Distribution

Your weight should be on your front foot with the butt end of the grip pointing towards your left hip and of course you need your clubface square to the target.

4. Putt the ball

Putting the ball is the point that has made most difference to me in my golf journey. I had read this before in books and magazines but never really took alot of notice. If you putt your shots using a pendulum motion you have more control. An amateur golfer (like me!) often break at the wrists trying to flip the ball in order to get loft. You have to trust the clubs loft and simply hit the ball like a putt.

The hands should always be in front of the club head at impact. Letting the club head get in front of your hands is when you skinny the ball and is how I hit the ball from one side of the green to the other. Having the hands in front helps with your contact and also with distance control.

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