Long putts can easily turn into 3-putts and ruin your game. Making long putts is something that I need to work harder at as it is not one of the strengths in my game. Some of you will be amazed at how often you 3-putt in a game of golf without even realizing it. If you know you aren’t a great putter, on your next round, when you write down your score for each hole write down how many putts you had on that hole also. Alot of you will discover that you are having many more putts than you think you are having. I did this recently and was blown away by how many putts I had. As a result I have done some research on how to become a great long putter, hence this post.

Get 5 balls and stand around 50-70 feet away from the hole (you will obviously need a large green to do this). Your aim is to use no more than 10 putts to get all 5 balls in the hole. If you can do this consistently it allows you to change your focus in your game. If you are able to always finish in 2 putts or less you can really focus on simply getting the ball on the green. You don’t have to be greedy and try to land it next to a pin on the skinny part of the green. This will stop you over-shooting green or landing in the nearest bunker. This gives you great confidence in your long game.

Continue to practice this putting tip to help you improve your golf. Practice until you are really confident that you can consitently putt out in 2. Good luck.

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