Hi Guys, and welcome to Golf Swing Journey.com. My name is John and I am passionate about golf but am by no means one of the worlds greatest golf players. Golf Swing Journey is about helping you improve your golf game so you can consitently shoot lower scores.

I am a golfer that shoots in the mid 90’s and obviously have lots of improving to do. It is my mission to improve my golf and report back on the progress i am making. I have been playing for around 2 years and mainly just play with friends and I often get frustrated and the lack of consitency in my shots.

I am here to provide my readers with quality content not only on my own journey but I will also provide you with information on expert tips and lessons. Whatever golfing information is out there, if I think it is quality I will provide you with it.

Feel free to leave comments on my posts about tips or hints you have been taught by experts during your golfing journey. I want you to join my journey so we can all improve our golf swing and become better golfers.

Happy golfing