You are not alone if you want more distance in golf. The further you are able to hit the ball the easier the game should become. There are so many areas in the golf swing that stops you from generating the power you require. We call these power leaks. It is a similar concept to a bucket full of water. If the bucket has leaks in it there will be less water. If you are leaking power because your swing is not correct then there will not be as much distance in your shots.

One of the major power leaks is the collapsed arms in the back swing. This is where you take the club away and at the top of the back swing the arms are in too close to the body. You will find that your arms are bent (or collapsed). This is a major leak as the swing arc is too close. You need to get this further away to be able to generate power through the golf swing.

The Split Grip Drill

The split grip drill will work on stopping you from collapsing your arms. It will feel strange but is easy to do if you follow these golf instructions by V1 Golf. Many people aim at keeping the left arm straight in the back swing. This is important but what they don’t realize is that the right arms has a lot to say about this. The right arm almost guides the left arm so it is important to get the right arm further away from the body.

Take the club in your left hand. Then instead of gripping the club normally with your right hand, place the right hand down on the grip. There should be a gap of and inch or two between your hands on the grip. This will train the arms to be further away from your body. All you need to do then is make some swings. You can even hit balls like this. Once you get the feeling of where the arms are in the swing, grip the club normally and play some shots. This will help you improve the power of your swing.

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