More distance in golf is something we are all after. More distance on a regular basis means shorter shots into the greens which allows you to really attack the pin. Here we look at how you can get more distance on your drives. Hank Haney explains that getting the correct trajectory. If your ball flies through the air too high it is going to spin too much and it won’t roll when it hits the fairway.

If you are hitting your driver too high, it could be one of two things. Either your swing is too steep coming down to the golf ball which means you have to level your swing out. You can achieve this by having a flatter turn and getting the golf club to sing around the body more.

The next thing you need to look at is your impact position. If your left wrist is cupped at impact then you are increasing the loft of the club causing the ball to spin too much and also go too high. You need to feel your left hand getting back to square to ensure you get the right trajectory. You should feel the back of the left handbeing flat at impact. You can always practice this infront of a mirror first to get the feel. These driving tips from Hank Haney will help you to get more roll when your ball hits the fairway and increase the distance of your drives.

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