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Online Golf Drill – Increase Distance by Eliminating Knee Locking


This is an online golf drill that I learnt around 6 months ago. As many of you know I play football through the winter and last season I received an injury that stopped me from playing golf for about 4 weeks. When I came back to the game I found that I had lost quite a bit of distance and I wasn’t sure why. I went and had a golf lesson and learned of a thing called ‘knee locking’. Knee locking is when the back leg straightens during the back swing. This is a major power leak and stops you if you are trying to increase distance in your game. I went through some of the footage I have of myself and found that I actually do this quite often.

My instructor gave me a really simple but powerful drill that has helped me out tremendously. If you are wanting to increase your distance then this online golf lesson will really help you improve your golf. The drill is called the heel up drill and just follow these simple instructions.

1. First thing you need to do is take your normal address. You can do this by hitting golf balls or by simply making practice swings. If you want to hit balls then take your normal address at a golf ball.

2. With your back leg you are going to lift your heel off the ground (hence the name ‘heel up drill’). For the right handed golfer this means you would lift up you right heel. This makes it near impossible to straighten your back leg during the back swing.

3. Make a full swing. During the back swing your knee should stay nice and bent. You need to get a feel for what this is like. Once you think you have the feeling of your knee being bent at the top of the back swing try and play a normal shot.

This is a really simple drill that allows you to load the back leg and then transfer all that energy through the golf ball. If you find that you are locking your back leg and you want to hit a long ball like Bubba Watson, then this drill can really help you. Give it a go and remember to let me know how you go.

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