This is a story about how an amateur golfer (ME!) wiped 21 strokes off his game in 3 weeks and finally regained respect from his friends using online golf lessons!

Have you ever been frustrated with the way you played a round of golf and wondered why you can play a great shot and then a series of ugly shots immediately after?

Well that was me and likely every golfer at some stage.

As much as I love the game of golf, I know I am not going to make the PGA Tour…but my goal over the past few years has simply been to improve and gain some respect from my friends. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The way I did it was through online golf lessons.

Here’s the story: I recall playing a round of golf with friends and hit a severe slice out of bounds. I dropped another ball and played another shot and it landed on the green. The problem was that my swing felt exactly the same on both shots.

This infuriated me as I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I didn’t play another shot that day as I was too close to throwing my clubs in the lake. My friends couldn’t believe I was giving up on the round, but I knew if I had kept playing I was going to do something stupid!

But I did make a decision that day.

I decided I was going to learn how to swing a golf club and I made a commitment to improve.

I set off on a journey which is how this website came about. The site put pressure on me to improve which is exactly what I needed as I found it too easy to not go out and practise.

So believe me when I tell you, I know how you feel if your game isn’t where you want it to be. If you have thought of giving up then I encourage you not to. Heck…golf is a great (and yes, often frustrating) game which is not only fun but keeps you healthy.

Now those that know me know that I am still no star golfer. I am not shooting under par or anything like that (not yet anyway!). But I have improved my game dramatically. On that day mentioned earlier I was consistently shooting over 100. It was only a week before that game where I shot 112. With some online lessons and practise I am now shooting in the 80’s. And my goal this year is to break 80.

I often get emails asking me the best way to improve at golf. I can only speak from my experience and the way I did it was to get help from Bobby Eldridge. In my opinion, Bobby is the best online golf teacher.

I purchased Bobby’s program the night after the disastrous golf game mentioned above. I worked on my game going through the lessons and practising at the range. The first hour of practise I had made gigantic improvements. I have place a before video and an after video from that first hour. I was all of a sudden hitting the ball better. If those videos aren’t convincing enough that his teachings work, I’m not sure what is. I still get a laugh when I look at that first video.

As you may tell the second video is far from perfect but these changes happened in the first hour! The noise at the end of the second video is my friend (holding the camera) saying “Wow!”



What I love about Bobby’s program is that:

  • Every area of golf is covered from driving, irons, chipping, sand shots and putting. Absolutely everything you need to improve your game.

  • You get access to images, text and more importantly videos on how to swing the club. No longer do you have to search for tips to your problems. You get everything you need to build your golf swing.

  • You can compare your swing side-by-side with professionals by using his bonus analyzer software. This is a real eye opener


  • You watch your handicap tumble (and gain bragging rights over your friends. Your friends will be asking you for tips.


  • Learn how to cure your slice! (Yes, these lessons will have you finally hitting straight or even with a slight draw)


  • Bobby is a great teacher. Being an expert is one thing, but being able to communicate that to beginners or average golfers is another and Bobby is great at it.


Back to the story: My next round with friends was two weeks later. I’ll be honest I had worked hard at my game for those two weeks. I went through Bobby’s lessons every day and was excited about how I was improving at the range.

I was jumping out of my skin to play my next round with friends.

When I turned up I couldn’t stop smiling. I was just so excited of the thought of playing well. I still remember that there were only a couple of things I needed to focus on to hit the ball consistently. In the past it felt like there were 100 things going through my head before and during each stroke.

I didn’t tell my friends I had taken these online lessons. I was probably a bit scared that if I played bad they would think I was a fool for forking out money for a poor result….and they would let me know all about it.

Before the first tee there was banter about who would win. My name was not even mentioned. They were expecting me to be out of contention as always.

My first drive went straight down the middle. My confidence was immediately high.

I then hit a 7-iron onto the green and two-putted for par. Game on!

My friends were a little stunned but didn’t think too much of it at this stage. I had played a hole like that plenty of times before, only to still have a horror round.

They did notice my swing was different though, so I told them I had a lesson. After some ribbing it didn’t take long until they were asking what I had learned in my lessons.

After five holes I was only 3 over. A massive improvement for me. And more importantly I was leading. I soon realized that it wasn’t the bragging rights I was even after. I wanted to feel respected.

For so long I wasn’t even in the conversation about who would win the round. Now I was the one to catch. I ended the round with a 91. A massive improvement from my last scored game of 112. And all this within 2 weeks!

I can’t express how good this made me feel. Every time I’ve played with my friends since that day, there has been respect or acknowledgement that I can hit a golf ball like the rest of them. Sure I still have poor rounds, but I am always in the hunt to win a game. And I still use the guide to help me improve.

To improve at golf takes practise and a teacher that can put you on the right track. For me Bobby Eldridge was that teacher. Golf is a game where people are more than happy to give you advice, but you need to learn from someone who knows what they are on about.

Listening to friends (who have good intentions) may help you to play a better round or 2 but if you are like me, you will then most likely get worse and more problems with your swing will pop up.

You need someone that can take you through your entire swing from grip and stance (which are massively underrated) all the way to your follow through. You will be amazed at how much difference the grip and stance make in your swing.

Being a physical education teacher myself I believe it is important to have someone who is not only an expert but can communicate his knowledge. That is what I really like about Bobby Eldridge.

This course is not for everyone. It is for the high and medium handicappers. The low handicappers will no doubt learn a thing or two but in my opinion your money would be better spent elsewhere.

If you are a medium-high handicapper then this course will change your game and at the time of writing, this is priced at less than a golf lesson. The best thing is that because it is run through one of the world’s largest online vendor’s in ClickBank, you can try it out for Free as you get a 60 day money back guarantee. 60 days is plenty of time to see improvements with this program, and if you don’t then get a full refund.

So there you have it. That’s how I improved my game and I can tell you I am so happy I did. Just a note, if you do decide to get the Bobby Eldridge program I would love you to purchase through the link on this page.

Bobby Eldridge’s Pure Point Golf Program


I will earn a little bit of money if you go through my link which helps pay for the hosting of this site. Whatever you decide to do with your golf, I wish you all the best and hope you can enjoy the game as much as I do now.


P.S. If you do decide to go ahead with Bobby’s program and you buy it through my link, email me with your receipt at and I’ll send you through a video of Adam Scott’s swing so you can put it into the analyser.