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An open club face at the point of impact will undoubtedly put spin on the ball causing either a fade or a slice. This can be done purposely to shape your golf shot or in many cases it is done accidentally and it causes an unwanted slice to your ball. The problem that many people face when trying to correct the open club face is that they focus on closing the club face at impact. Focussing on this part of your swing can make it difficult to improve your golf swing because this is a result of what you have done throughout the duration of your swing. It is imppossible to change the result without changing the process that got you there in the first place. When I first started playing golf all I tried to change was the result. I focussed so hard on my results that it frustrated me so much. I would hit a terrible shot and then a wonderful shot and felt that I had done nothing different. This is a sure way to drive yourself away from the game.

When I talk about the process that leads to the result I am referring to the back swing and the down swing. Essentially where your club ends up at impact is a direct printout of what you have done in these parts of the swing. What you may find in your own golf swing is that you are opening the club face during your takeaway. This will mean that you most likely have an open club face throughout the entire swing but so often people just see the open face at impact. If you have an open club face throughout your entire swing and you then try to square it up at impact you are going down a road of inconsistency. There will be times when you time it perfectly and hit a wonderful shot but there will be many times in between that you are cursing the game.

If you find that you have an open club face throughout the entire swing, it can easily be fixed. I know this because it is one of the things that caused my slice over the years. What you are aiming to do is have a club face that is square throughout the golf swing. In this video golf lesson I will show you a drill that I learned in one of my golf lessons to help you square your club face up.

1. Take a mid iron and take your normal stance. You do not have to hit a ball at this stage.

2. Ensure that your club face at address is square. From here you need to hinge your wrists so that the club rises out in front of you. You club face should still be square.

3. From here raise the club so that it rests on your right shoulder. You know that the club face is still square.

4. With the club on your shoulder you are going to make a full turn with your body as you would in the back swing. Keep the club on your shoulder.

5. Once your hips and shoulders have made a full turn you need to raise the club up in the air. This is the position you would be in if you made a complete back swing. The important thing here is that your club face should be square. You will feel your thumbs under the shaft. Make suer you feel this sensation as you will need to come back to that feeling when you make a full swing.

6. Once you get this feeling you are going to pump the club to waist height. It is important that the lower body is dynamic through this pump. There is no point just pumping the arms as this is replicating the golf swing you desire. Allow the hips to rotate and this will drive the club down. Stop at waist height and check that your club face is square. For it to be square the toe should be pointing directly to the sky and you should feel your thumbs on top of the shaft.

7. Go back up to the top and make a practice swing.

8. Once you get the feeling try this drill again and instead of a practice swing, actually hit a ball.

This is a really simple drill that ensures that your club face is square throughout the swing and you can get a sense of what that feels like. All you need to do is use that feeling when you play your normal shot. Good luck and remember to let me know how you go.

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