There is little doubt that is you want to improve your short game you need to watch Phil Mickelson chipping. His short game is one of the best in the business and chipping from the rough is something I have always needed to improve on and here are some great tips on how to do just that.

In this golf lesson Mickelson explains that so many golfers tell him that they are great around the green but not so good out of the rough. His answer to this is that if this is you, you are probably not using the proper technique. He goes on to say that the ‘hinge and hold’ method will enable you to get the ball out of the rough and on to the green.

Mickelson begins with the ball in thick rough with the ball sitting down (often our wors nightmare!). For this shot you cannot rely on spin to stop the ball because there is so much grass between the ball and the club. The only thing you can rely on is trajectory. You therefore need to use a similar shot to the lob shot and use the ‘hinge and hold’ technique. For a ball deep in the rough use the following steps:

1. Use the hinge and hold technique. This technique is where you break the wrists immediately during the takeaway. This causes a steeper takeaway. You then hold and accelerate through the ball. 

2. Open up the face of the club and put your weight forward

3. Drive the club in behind the ball which will allow the ball to simply pop up in the air and land softly.

If the ball sits up in the rough, you can’t use the same method of driving the ball into the ground as you will simply get underneath the ball. You still use the same lob shot principle, but this time you level out your weight so the bottom of the arc is shallow. Follow these steps:

1. Center your weight

2. Open up the club face but not as much as previous.

3. Use the same swing

For a ball that sits up in the rough but you want to run the ball up to the flag  you use the same technique of getting the club to enter the ground behind the ball. The difference is that you need to put the ball back in your stance and square the club face up which will lower the trajectory and allow the ball to run.

These tips will help you when the ball is in the rough and should save quite a few pars for you. You may even get one to drop like Phil does in this video for birdie.

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