Jeff Ritter gives you some power golf tips that will hopefully allow you to hit a longer ball. This links in well with some of the drill I have discussed before. Ritter says that so many people say that if they could hit a golf ball with their baseball swing, they would be so much better off. The way to do this is to get your golf swing closer to your baseball swing. Ritter explains that this should be the case anyway. What so many amateur golfers do when they swing the club is try and swing in a straight line, rather than swinging around the body.

In order to teach yourself to do this you need to practice your baseball swing more. Begin gently and ensure that you are swinging the club around your body. Gradually build up the intensity so you hear a ‘swooshing’ sound as your club moves through the air. As you get comfortable, start to swing harder and harder. Be sure to swing from your hips as you would in baseball.

Once you have got the feel for this then you can complete the ‘baseball drill’. This is where you begin swinging the club like you would in baseball and gradually swing the club closer to the ground. You need to continue to swing around the body. Once you get to your ball you simply step up and complete a full golf swing.

Getting a real feel for this Jeff Ritter exercise will help you increase the distance off the tee and improve your golf game.

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