According to golf professional, Phil Mickelson, the most important part of putting is getting the alignment of the putter face correct. So often golfers are worried about their grip or getting their left eye over the ball and then aim at getting the pace correct. All these things are important, but the single most important aspect to improve your putting is getting the club face pointed to where you want the ball to go.

Too often amateur golfers golfers have the putter face open or closed. This is the same principle if you had an iron in your hand. You all know that if you have the club face open with an iron that it will head out to the right; and if it is closed, it will hook around to the left. The same happens with the putter.

This is obviously a simple notion to pick up and many will be thinking, why is John posting this. Well it is simple but so often we worry about other things that we forget about the putter head. Remember to line you club face up first. If you don’t do this there is a great chance that your club face will be open or closed at address and impact. Do not line you feet and body up first. This is a recipe for disaster. Club, hands then body. This is the order you need to line up to putt well. Good luck and sink those putts.

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