Well it has been a long hot summer over hear in Melbourne so it has been hard to get out onto the course as regularly as I would like. My pale white skin just can’t take too much heat or I fear I will evaporate.

I spent a lot of the time at the Function18 online store shopping for different products that would help me look my best when I did get out there. When I did get out I played mostly at Geelong’s 13th Beach Course. I always love playing there.

There are a range of golf shirts from Puma that I just loved so you may want to check them out. Anyway, back to the golf.

For those that have followed me for a while you will know that the worst part of my game is when I have the putter in my hand. That isn’t to say the rest of my game is flawless because it definitely isn’t. This site is called Golf Swing JOURNEY for a reason.

Well I have a video for you that I loved and I think it has really helped me with my putting. I admit that I began a little rusty with all clubs, but by the 3rd I was having my best day ever with the putter.

The confidence I had was amazing. I began expecting 4-5 foot puts to go in and longer puts I could just feel I was going to get them close. After 3 putting on the first 2 holes I never had another for the rest of the day.

I had 8 holes where I had 1 putt.

Some┬ámany of you will say, “So what.” But that just isn’t like me at all. I can attribute some of my improvement to this video. I will post another soon which also helped me greatly.

So this video has 3 drills and what I found to be really helpful was the info I received about how I was striking the ball with the putter. The third drill was really helpful to me. I found that I had the putter too high. This had a major impact on my ball striking.

Check it out…

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