I have gone into the archives here to find a Greg Norman special on putting from off the green and also the chip and run shot. In this video the former World Number 1 explains what you need to do when putting from off the green. This is a great shot to have. Often you will find yourself short of the green but the grass is a very low cut so the ball will roll over it no problem. The safe shot is to putt the ball but so many of us fail to get the ball close because we misjudge the distance due to the slop and the changing cut of the grass.

Norman says that for a putt that is from off the green where you are hitting up a slope you simply need to add distance to the hole. In the putt that he demonstrates he says that because of the cut of the grass and the slope that the ball need to travel up to get onto the green he simply adds 15 feet to the hole. This means he is imagining that the hole is 15 feet further away than what it is. After he does this he doesn’t have to think about the grass or the slope. He just putts as if the hole is 15 feet further away. This is much easier for the mind to comprehend.

When the grass before the green is not cut as short you may want to chip and run. Norman says that this is simply an extension of the putt and if you feel comfortable, you can set up as you would for a normal putting stroke. The only difference is that your have an iron in your hand. The club you chose will depend on how far off the green you are. The loft needs to allow the ball to clear the fringe so you simply need to choose a loft that will clear the fringe. From here you can either take your putting grip or your normal grip and play a normal putting stroke. Don’t use the wrists to hit the ball as this can cause your to hit the ball skinny or fat. The important thing you need to do here is ensure that the back of the hand is moving towards the target as it would be in a putt.

These 2 shots will help you improve your golf game. For many of you, you will have no problem with the long shots but you drop strokes when you are around the green. I love watching the pro’s give tips and lessons as it always makes the most sense. As far as I’m concerned there is nobody better to learn from than the best. Good luck and let me know how your go.

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