All golfers have their own putting grip but all have the same goal – get the club face square at impact and get the ball into that tiny hole. There are a number of different grip techniques around and which one you choose will depend on what feels comfortable and more importantly, what works! In the putting video lesson above, Jim Farrell takes you through the best putting grips that you should consider to help you improve your golf.

Traditional Style

First thing you need to do is put your right hand on the club. With your left hand you eed to use the last three fingers and you thumb. The thumb needs to be pointing down the center of the shaft. Your left index finger should be riding over your right hand.

Left Hand Low

This is the opposite to the traditional style grip. The left hand is actually lower than the right hand. The grip is often called ‘the yips’ as it is designed to give you more stability through the putting stroke. It is often used for 3-5 foot putts. This style will feel very strange initially but is something that will not take long to get used to. If you find yourself missing short putts then this one is definitely worth trying on the practice green.

Split Grip

This grips is where you put yur left hand high on the putter and your right hand low so that there is a gap between where your hands are placed. Similar to a hockey stick where you have more control over the club with your hands spread apart.

The Claw

The claw putting grip is very similar to the split grip. The left hand is very high on the club and the right hand is low on the club. The difference is that you use your thumb, index and middle fingers on your right hand. With your right hand you simply claw the grip with the index and middle finger over the front and the thumb behind.

Whichever putting grip you use, it needs to be one that you are comfortable using in pressure situations. The putter need to be an extension of your arms and hands. This ensures that everything moves together and will help you putt well.

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