Getting the putting speed correct is so important in the game of golf and getting it wrong often results in one of those aweful 3-putts. Have you ever left a birdie or an eagle putt short? I know I have and this is because in the past I haven’t worked hard enough on my putting speed. So much of my efforts go into reading the greens and my putting technique but not enough goes into focussing soley on putting speed. I found this putting drill that will really help you in your golf journey on how to putt better.

This drill is called ‘the first down’ drill and will focus soley on putting speed. Follow these instructions and watch the video to help you through the drill.

1. Place 2 club shafts on the green about 12 ft apart

2. Set up a string of balls about 3 ft away from the first shaft. The first shaft is the ‘first down’ marker

3. Putt the first ball so it just goes past the first shaft resulting in a football-like ‘first down’. This ball now acts as the first down marker.

4. Continue this process with the rest of the balls. When you first start out with this drill you may have 5 or 6 balls. The more you practice and the better you get simply add more balls. Your goals should be to get about 15 balls in that small section with each one getting that little bit further than the last.

This drill will help you get a feel for the length of the putt. It isn’t worried about line but gives you a sole focus on speed. This is one drill I would definitely make part of your practice sessions.

4. Putt the next ball and try to get it just past the previous ball, again resulting in a ‘first down

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