A putting trainer can help you with your alignment but also can help with getting your club face back to square at impact. Some people find it difficult to line themselves up for a putt, while others find that they open or close the face of their putter at impact. This causes you to either pull or push your putts and is very difficult to get the ball in the hole.

Putting aids can help you with both these problems. Here we look at the putting cyclops. This is a putting trainer that is designed to help you line up your putt but more importantly will help you get the putter face square at impact.

The Putting Cyclops works like a plank. Simply line the plank up in the direction you want to putt the ball. You can then use this as a guide to line your body up. Place the ball close to the Cyclops and have the toe of your putter against it. Then take your putt. Having the toe resting against the Cyclops will prevent you from pulling your putts. You can still open your putter face but it will help rectify this.

If you find that the ball is hitting the Cyclops after impact, this means that you are pushing the ball with your putter. You need to focus on striking the ball and keeping it away from the Cyclops and you will find the ball travels on its journey in the direction you want it to. Keep practicing and you will find this will correct these problems. Get your putts right and watch you scores drop. Good Luck!

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