Contact with the ground when swinging the ball allows you to play consistent shots. If your feet move too much and you need to reduce your foot movement in your swing then this drill is a great one that you can do at the range. The only golf trainer you require is an old shoe box. I was playing with a friend last week and he had just come back from a lesson. His instructor told him that his feet move too much in the back swing. This doesn’t allow him to be stable throughout the swing and causes him to hit all kinds of shots.

The shoe box drill is good not only for too much foot movement in the back swing but also too much foot movement in the down swing. This can really help improve your shot consistency. Simply follow these instructions and you should see a big improvement in your shots.

1. Get an old shoe box and turn it upside down. Place the shoe box in between your feet. This is the key to stopping those feet moving all over the place. The aim of the drill is to not move that shoe box during your swing.

2. Make a couple of practice swings and aim at not moving the shoe box around. Now keep in mind that your body still has to be dynamic throughout the swing. Don’t shut your body down and only use your arms. If you are finding it difficult, simply make smaller swings and gradually build up.

3. The final step is to play a shot. In the beginning just make some slow shots. You don’t need to make a full hearted swing. But aim at not moving the shoe box. Continue to practice and then take the shoe box away and see if you can keep your feet a little quieter than they have been in the past.

This drill is a really good but simple drill that you can use at the range. A small amount of movement of the shoe box is ok, especially if you build up to a full swing, but it needs to only be minimal.

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